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System requirements

Software Requirements

To use the online ING channels (InsideBusiness Payments, InsideBusiness Payments CEE and InsideBusiness Trade), your computer must meet the requirements regarding Operating System, Browser and Java Runtime as listed in this document. Configurations not listed in this document are not supported by ING and may be blocked from accessing ING’s online channels.


Java Runtime Environment:  Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is available in 32 and 64-bit versions. You must install and use the version which is compatible with your browser, i.e. a 32-bit browser requires the 32-bit version of JRE.

Please note that in Windows 7, the default browser is Internet Explorer 32-bit. If you have configured the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer to be the default browser, you must install and use the 64-bit version of the JRE.

The following version of Java Runtime Environment is supported for use with ING’s online channels:

  • Java SE 8


Operating Systems: The following operating systems are supported:

  • Windows Vista (supported up and until March 2017)
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Apple OSX is not supported, although the card & reader will work in unconnected mode.


Important information about Windows XP

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft has ended the support of Windows XP. As of that date Microsoft no longer provides security updates for both Internet Explorer 8 and Windows XP. As a result ING has assessed the security risk, of supporting both the browser and the operating system for use with its channels, as high. Therefore ING will end support of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 as of November 1st  and you will not be able to access InsideBusiness Payments or InsideBusiness Payments CEE using Windows XP or IE8 after that date.

To ensure the continuity of your financial processes, we advise you to immediately update your computer to a newer version of your operating system and browser.  


Browsers: For the optimal use of your ING online channel, we recommend you to use the latest version of your browser:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9 and above)
  • Mozilla Firefox


End of JAVA support in Chrome and restrictions in Firefox

Google has announced that they will no longer support Java Runtime in Chrome version 45 and higher as of the 1st of September. As ING’s I-Dentity Card and Reader solution uses Java Runtime, we will adapt the logon and signing functions in our interactive channels (InsideBusiness Payments and InsideBusiness Payments CEE) as of the 1st of November for users using Google Chrome. If you use Chrome the logon and signing screens will look differently from what you’re used to as of this date.

As a result of this change you will no longer be able to use the ING I-Dentity Card and Reader in connected mode, when using Google Chrome. If you want to continue to use the card and reader in connected mode, you will have to use Internet Explorer (9, 10 or 11). To ensure the continuity of your financial processes, we advise you to test if your channel still works in combination with Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox follows Google Chrome and will no longer support JAVA Runtime in newer versions of Mozilla Firefox. For these versions of Mozilla Firefox, Java plug-ins are disabled for untrusted websites. Please follow this procedure to activate the plugin.


Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for ING online channels are:

Connected Reader:

A USB port is needed to connect the ING I-Dentity Reader

Unconnected Reader:

No specific hardware requirements


ports 80 and 443 must be open


Security Requirements

For the use of ING’s online channels, you are required to always update your Operating System, Browser and Java Runtime Environment with the latest available updates of the versions you are using. Furthermore ING recommends to always update all of the software on the computer to the latest available version, to ensure that your computer is safe from abuse by criminals.

The computer used to access ING’s online channels must be protected by:

  • Up-to-date Anti-Virus software
  • Soft- and/or hardware Firewall